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isht ishko
glass, cup

STUDENTS:  LEARN your rules for question markers!

Rules for translating sentences that asks a question:

                   Question Marker ho

Look for the verb (action word) in your sentence.  If there is an action word, you will use the question marker ho at the end of your translation.

         Example:     Is that black dog sleeping?
Translated as:     Ofi lusa mυt nusi ho?

Sleeping is the action word, so you would use the question marker ho.

                    Question Marker yo

Look for a word that is describing someone or something.  It could be a color, size or number word.  That will be the word that tells you to use the question marker yo.

         Example:     Is that a brown shoe?
Translated as:     Yυmmυt shulush lusakbi yo?

The word that describes the noun (shoe) is the word brown.  The question marker yo would be used.  Remember, the question marker yo follows descriptive words.

                     Question Marker o

This question marker follows consonants.  Consonants are not your vowels (a, i, o, u), as you can see in the sentence example.  If the question is asking about something, or someone, you would use the question marker o.

         Example:     Is that a cat?
Translated as:     Yυmmυt katos o?

         Example:     Did you go?
Translated as:     Ish ia tuk o?

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