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isht ishko
glass, cup

Chapter Two - Lesson Two

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Lesson 2 Outline

Lesson 2 Model Sentences

Lesson 2 Student worksheet

Lesson 2 Student worksheet answers


Lesson 2 - Model 1 Sentences

a)   Hattak mυt wak a ipeta tuk o? a)   Did that man feed the cow?
b) Wak υt tanchi ya υpa tuk. b) The cow ate the corn.
c) Ohoyo pυt katos a achefa ho?          c) Is this woman washing the cat?
d) Keyu, ofi chito ya achefa. d) No, (she) is washing the big dog.

Lesson Two Outline

Lsn 2 Outn

Lesson Two - Model 1 Sentences

Lsn 2 Model Sentences

Lesson Two Student Worksheet

Lsn 2 Wkst

Lesson Two Student Worksheet Answers

Lsn 2 Wkst - answ 

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