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Chapter Two - Lesson Six

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Lesson 6 Outline

Lesson 6 Dialogue sheet - Choctaw

Lesson 6 Dialogue sheet - Choctaw/English


Lesson 4 - Model 3 Sentences

a)   Nanta chompa chi bυnna?     a) What do you want to buy?
b) Shulush himona chompa sυ bunna.           b)   I want to buy new shoes.
c) Na kanchi mυt nanta bυnna tuk? c) What did the sales clerk want?
d) Um iskυli bυnna tuk. d) (He) wanted my money.

Lesson Six Outline

Lsn 6 Outn

Lesson Six Dialogue Sheet - Choctaw

Lsn 6 Wkst

Lesson Six Dialogue Sheet - Choctaw/English

Lsn 6 Wkst answ

Sounds of Choctaw - Social Greeting
Sounds of Choctaw - Weather
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