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Chapter Two - Lesson Four

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Lesson 4 Outline

Lesson 4 Dialogue sheet - Choctaw

Lesson 4 Dialogue sheet - Choctaw/English


Lesson 4 - Model 3 Sentences

a) Hushi pisa achukma ilυppa sυ bυnna.      a)   I want this pretty bird.
b) Hushi pa chompa la chi. b) I will buy this bird.
c) Na pakanli pa ish chompa chi ho? c) Are you buying these flowers?
d)   Keyu, na pakanli ma chompa li. d) No, I'm buying those flowers.

Lesson Four Outline

Lsn 4 Outn

Lesson Four Dialogue sheet - Choctaw

Lsn 4 dilg

Lesson Four Dialogue sheet - Choctaw/English

Lsn 4 dilg answ

Sounds of Choctaw - Social Greeting
Sounds of Choctaw - Weather
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