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Vocabulary Words

hochefo      read           chompa           buy/purchase
ahni think iskυli money
achefa wash na pakanli flower(s)
pisa achukma       pretty a / ya object markers (the)
ilυppa this / these                   yυmma  that / those
pa this / these ma that / those


Model Sentences

Model I 

a) Hattak mυt wak a ipeta tuk o?       a) Did that man feed the cow?
b) Wak υt tanchi ya upa tuk. b) The cow ate the corn.
c) Ohoyo pυt katos a achefa ho? c) Is this woman washing the cat?
d) Keyu, ofi chito ya achefa. d) No, (she) is washing the big dog.


Model II

a) Nan υlhthuka yυt shυpo ma chompa tuk.               a) The officer bought that hat.  
b) Shυpo ossi yυmma pisa li tuk. b) I saw that little hat.
c) Ohoyo yυt wak nipi ma hopona chi ho? c) Will the woman cook that beef?
d) Shukha nipi ya hopona chi ahni li. d) I think (she) will cook the pork.


Model III

a) Hushi pisa achukma ilυppa sυ bυnna.        a) I want this pretty bird.
b) Hushi pa chompa la chi. b) I will buy this bird.
c) Na pakanli pa ish chompa ho? c) Are you buying these flowers?
d) Keyu, na pakanli ma chompa li. d) No, I'm buying those flowers.


Model IV

a) Nanta chompa chi bυnna?       a) What do you want to buy?
b) Shulush himona chompa sυ bυnna.           b) I want to buy new shoes.
c) Na kanchi mυt nanta bυnna tuk? c) What did that sales clerk want?
d) Um iskυli bυnna tuk. d) (He) wanted my money.

Chpter 2 outline

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