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Chapter Twelve Outline      

Chapter Twelve Outline  -  PDF File download

Vocabulary & Model sentences

Vocabulary Words

fehna very chohmi somewhat/sort of/kind of
achukma good chiyyohmi        very/really/quite
achukma i shahli better                      ahli truly/nicely/really
achukma moma i shahli        best hosh subject/adverb marker

Model Sentences

Model 1

a) Ulla nakni mυt pυlhki hosh nowa. a) That boy walks fast.
b) Ohoyo pυt pυlhki i shahli hosh nowa. b) This woman walks faster.
c) Hattak υt pυlhki moma i shahli hosh nowa.             c) The man walks the fastest.

Model 2

a) Palυska pυt achukma. a) This bread is good.
b) Chi palυska yυt achukma i shahli. b) Your bread is better.
c) Hυshki i palυska yυt achukma moma i shahli.        c) Mom's bread is the best.

Model 3

a) Um aboha yυt libesha chohmi. a) My room is kind of warm.
b) Chim aboha yυt libesha fehna. b) Your book is very good.
c) Im aboha yυt libesha chiyyohmi.                          c) Her room is really warm.

Model 4

a) A holisso yυt achukma chohmi. a) My book is kind of good.
b) Chi holisso yυt achukma fehna.                            b) Your book is very good.
c) I holisso yυt achukma ahli. c) His book is really good.

Vocabulary Words & Model Sentences

Vocab & Model Sentences

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