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Chapter 3 Student Word List

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abeka aiasha hospital
abeka apesυchi nurse
aiimpa chukka restaurant
apesυchi manager/caregiver
υlla apesυchi babysitter
holisso pisa student/learner
issi nipi venison
nan ishko something to drink
nihi seed
okla they/people
oklush inla foreigner/different tribe
wak apesυchi cowboy/rancher
Hattak Upi Homma       Indian/Native American


sia I am
chia you are
pia we are
hupia we (all) are
huchia you (all) are
he, she, it unmarked
(they) are         unmarked

Indian Tribes/Nations

Chalaki Cherokee
Chikasha       Chickasaw
Simυnoli Seminole
Chahta Choctaw
Mυskoki Muskogee (Creek)


achefa to wash
apesυchi       to manage/to oversee
υpa to eat (food item named)
impa to eat (a meal)
hokchi to plant
pυlhki fast


himitta young
hohchυffo hungry
liteha dirty
pisa achukma       pretty
sipokni old

Adverbs of Degree

chohmi sort of/somewhat
chiyyohmi       quite/very/really


hosh adverb marker (ly)
pυlhki       hurriedly

Chapter Three Student Word List

Ch 3 Vocab

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