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Vocabulary Words 

sia I am apesυchi (noun) manager/caregiver
chia   you are apesυchi (verb) to manage/to oversee
pia we are oklush inla       foreigner/different tribe
hυpia we (all) are Chalaki Cherokee
hυchia you (all) are                Chikasha Chickasaw
he, she, it       unmarked Mυskoki Muskogee (Creek)
(they) are unmarked Simυnoli Seminole
okla they/people Chahta Choctaw


Model Sentences

Model I

a) Chahta sia.     a) I am Choctaw.
b) Chalaki chia. b) You are Cherokee.
c) Ikhυnanchi hupia. c) We (all) are teachers.
d) Holisso pisa hυchia.                            d)

You (all) are students.

Model II

a) Ulla apesυchi chia ho? a) Are you a babysitter?
b) A, υlla tuklo apesυchi li. b) Yes, I take care of two children.
c) Alikchi himitta hυchia kiyo. c) You (all) are not young doctors.
d) Wak apesυchi sipokni hυchia.             d) You (all) are old cowboys.

Model III

a) Chalaki micha Chahta yυt impa.         a) The Cherokee and Choctaw are eating.
b) Ish impa tuk o? b) Did you eat?
c) Keyu, sυ hohchυffo. c) No, I'm hungry.
d) Binili micha impa! d) Sit and eat!

Model IV

a) Nanta hυchia? a) What are you (all)?
b) Mυskoki hoponi hυpia. b) We (all) are Muskogee (Creek) cooks.
c) Nanta okla υpa bυnna? c) What do they want to eat?
d) Issi nipi okla υpa bυnna.                     d) They want to eat venison.

Chapter 3 Outline & Model Sentences

Ch 3 Outln & Model Sentc

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