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Chapter Thirteen Outline      

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Vocabulary & Model sentences

Vocabulary Words

Location/Position Singular             Dual Plural
to be (temporary) antta ashwa asha
to be (exist/reside)           υtta υshwa             asha/aiyasha
to be setting talaya taloha talohmaya

Model Sentences

Model 1

a) Holisso apisa antta li tuk. a) i was at the school.
b) Aki micha sυshki yυt chukka ashwa.                                           b) My dad and mom are at home.
c) Hattak ushta yυt aiitυtoba ma asha. c) The four men are at that store.

Model 2

a) Ikhυnanchi himitta mυt chukka pa υtta. a) That young teacher lives in this house.
b) Nan υlhtuka tuklo pυt tυmaha chito υshwa.                                b) These two officers live in the city.
c) Atek tuchina yυt Oklahoma asha. c) My three sisters live in Oklahoma.

Model 3

a) Ampo okchakko yυt aiimpa ma talaya. a) The blue plate is setting on that table.
b) Isht ishko tahlapi hosh aiimpa chito pakna ma talohmaya.          b) The five cups are setting on that big table.
c) Ampo micha isht ishko yυt aiimpa taloha. c) The plate and cup are setting on the table.

Vocabulary Words & Model Sentences

Vocab & Mdl Sentc

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