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Chapter Ten Outline      

Chapter Ten Outline  -  PDF File download

Vocabulary & Model sentences

Vocabulary Words

a/sa to or for me pi to or for us
chi to or for you hυpi to or for us (all)
i to or for him, her, it                        hυchi to or for you (all)
fυni squirrel i to or for them/it
owυtta hunt (animals) tυli holisso            paper money/dollars
walakshi dumpling hopela distribute/give
nan υnnoa           story takchi tie

Model Sentences

Model 1

a) Piki yυt shukha homma pi chompa tuk. a) Our dad bought us a red pig.
b) Onnakma shukha ma il ipeta chi ho? b) Will we feed that pig tomorrow?
c) Keyu, piki yυt illimpa i chompa tuk kiyo.             c) No, our dad didn't buy food for it.
d) Pi shukha i hohchifo yυt Pok Chap. d) Our pig's name is Pork Chop.

Model 2

a) Hυpi miko yυt iskυli hυpi hopela chi. a) Our chief will distribute money to us.
b) Tυli holisso pokoli chakkali il isha chi. b) We will get ninety dollars.
c) Holisso himona ish sa chompa chi ho?                c) Will you buy me a new book?
d) Nan υnnoa holisso chi chompa la chi. d) I will buy you a story book.

Model 3

a) Akaka nipi chi hoponi tuk o? a) Did she cook chicken for you?
b) Himak nittak issi nipi a hoponi tuk. b) (She) cooked venison for me today.
c) A nakfi yυt funi owυtta tuk. c) My brother hunted squirrel.
d) Sυshki yυt fυni walakshi a hopona chi.              d) My mom will cook me squirrel dumpling.

Model 4

a) Ulla nakni mυt hattak ma i toksυli ho?               a) Does the boy work for that man?
b) A, kanchυk i kashoffi. b) Yes, (he) cleans the barn for him.
c) Kυta hosh chi shulush chi takchi tuk? c) Who tied your shoes for you?
d) Umafo yυt a takchi tuk. d) My grandpa 

Vocabulary Words & Model Sentences

Vocab & Model Sentences

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