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Chapter Sixteen Outline      

Chapter Sixteen Outline  -  PDF File download 

Vocabulary & Model sentences

Vocabulary Words

υmmi mine/belongs to me pimmi ours/belongs to us
chimmi yours/belongs to you hυpimmi ours/belongs to us (all)
immi his/hers/belongs to him/her                huchimmi        yours/belongs to you (all)
tapυski        thin immi theirs/belongs to them

Model Sentences

Model 1

a) Holisso okchakko mυt υmmi.                                 a) That blue book is mine.
b) Chukka chito pυt chimmi. b) This big house is yours.
c) Shulush lakna mυt immi. c) Those yellow shoes are hers.
d) Holisso pυt chimmi yo? d) Is this book yours?

Model 2

a) Shukha tuklo mυt pimmi. a) Those two pigs are ours.
b) Wak yυmmυt hυpimmi. b) That cow is ours.
c) Issuba ushta mυt hυchimmi yo?                            c) Are those four horses yours?
d) Keyu, issuba ushta mυt immi. d) No, those horses belong to them.

Model 3

a) Topa iskitini mυt υmmi. a) That little bed is mine.
b) Aiimpa kawasha yυt chimmi yo? b) Is the short table yours?
c) A, aiimpa kawasha mυt υmmi. c) Yes, that short table is mine.
d) Isht holissochi pυt ohoyo ma immi.                      d) This pen belongs to that woman.

Model 4

a) Anchi sukko pυt hυchimmi. a) This thick quilt is yours.
b) Shukbo tapυski mυt hυpimmi.                              b) That thin blanket is ours.
c) Ofi lusa yυmmυt immi yo? c) Is that black dog his?
d) Keyu, ofi yυmmυt υmmi. d) No, that dog is mine.

Vocabulary Words & Model Sentences

Vocab & Mdl Sentc

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