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Chapter Seventeen Outline      

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Vocabulary & Model sentences

Vocabulary Words

ont go and... hυshki akuchaka            east
ant come and... hυshi aiokυtula west
pila toward falυmmi north
misha that way oka mahli south
ola this way katimma pila toward which way
pit that way (from speaker)
et/auet            this way (toward speaker)                 

Model Sentences

Model 1

a) Chim ofi yυt chukka et balili tuk o?                         a) Did your dog run (this way) toward the house?
b) Keyu, υm ofi yυt bok pit balili tuk. b) No, my dog ran (that way) toward the river.
c) Nanta hosh kanchυk pila ia tuk? c) What was going toward the barn?
d) Issuba lusa yosh ola minti. d) A black horse is coming this way.

Model 2

a) Hυshi aiokυtula pila ish ia chi ho? a) Will you go toward the west?
b) A, okhυta chito pisa sυ bυnna. b) Yes, I want to see the ocean.
c) Ohoyo mυt oka mahli pila ia tuk. c) That woman went toward the south.
d) Hattak mυt hυshi akuchaka pila ia chi.                   d) That man will go toward the east.

Model 3

a) Simυnoli yυt katimma pila ia chi?                           a) Which way will the Seminole go?
b) Falυmmi pila ia bυnna tuk. b) (He) wanted to go north.
c) Iki micha ishki yυt misha ia tuk. c) His dad and mom went that way.
d) Onnakma okla falama chi. d) They will return tomorrow.

Model 4

a) Sυpokni yυt hushi taloa pit haklo? a) My grandmother heard a song bird.
b) Hushi yυmmυt pisa achukma fehna tuk.                  b) That bird was very pretty.
c) Katos pυt hushi ma ont υpa bυnna. c) This cat wants to go and eat that bird.
d) Ulla nakni mυt katos a ant isha chi. d) That boy will come and get the cat.

Vocabulary Words & Model Sentences page 1

Vocab & Mdl Sentc pg 1

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Vocab & Mdl Sentc pg 2

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