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Chapter Seventeen Student Word List

Particles with Verbs Directional Particles
ont ia go past ont go and...
ant ia come past ant come and...
ont pisa visit (go and see) pit that way (from speaker)
ant pisa        visit (come and see)                       et/auet        this way (toward speaker)
pit balili run that way
et balili run this way


Verb Indefinite Markers
aminti        to come from                                    osh/yosh/hosh        a/an



Cardinal Directions Adverbs
hυshi akuchaka east pila toward
hυshi aiokυtula        west misha        that way/further
falυmmi north ola this way
oka mahli south                                 


Adverbs/Adjectives Interrogatives
hυshi akυchaka pila        eastward katimma pila        toward which way
hυshi aiokυtula pila westward nanta ho what
falυmmi pila northward                  
oka mahli pila southward


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