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Chapter Seven Outline      

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Vocabulary & Model sentences

Vocabulary Words

pim our ofosik puppy
hυpim our (all) ombinili to ride/to sit on
hυchim your (all) beka usually
im their habli kick/kicking
shulush chaha        boots kopoli bite/biting
na pakanli flower(s) ontalaya        setting on
ohikia standing on                     kυt ____'of the'____


Model Sentences

Model 1

a) Chi tek ut wak apesuchi aiokpanchi ho?        a) Does your sister like cowboys?
b) A, im issuba ombinili beka tuk. b) Yes, (she) usually rides his horse.
c) Pim ulla yut issuba ombinili bunna. c) Our child wants to ride a horse.
d) Shupo micha shulush chaha chompa tuk.               d) She bought a hat and boots.


Model 2

a) Na pakanli yυt chim aiimpa ontalaya. a) The flowers are setting on the table.
b) Na pakanli tuklo kυt homma. b) Two of the flowers are red.
c) Hυchim issi kosoma yυt a na pakanli υpa tuk.           c) Your goat ate my flowers.
d) Issi kosoma aiokpanchi li kiyo. d) I don't like goats.


Model 3

a) Nanta hosh chim abinili ohikia? a) What is standing on your chair?
b) Yυmmυt hυpim ofosik. b) That is our puppy.
c) Katimi ho υlla nakni yυt chim ofi habli?                    c) Why is the boy kicking your dog?
d) Um ofi yυt υlla nakni ma kopoli tuk. d) My dog bit that boy.


Model 4

a) Kυta hosh pim aiitυnaha ia chi? a) Who will go to our church?
b) Ohoyo moma kυt taloa chi. b) All of the women will sing.
c) Hυchim ikhυnanchi yυt taloa chi.                            c) Your teacher will sing.
d) Hυpim alikchi yυt haklo bυnna. d) Our doctor wants to listen to her.


Vocabulary & Model Sentences pg. 1

Vocabulary & Model Sentences pg 1

Vocabulary & Model sentences pg. 2

Vocabulary & Model Sentences pg 2

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