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Chapter One - Lesson Six

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          Lesson 6 Outline

          Lesson 6 Student worksheet

          Lesson 6 Student worksheet - answers


Starter: Students will give the greeting, date and weather.  Students will engage in dialogue with a prepared question and give impromptu responses.

Speaker 1:  Hattak mυt katomma ia tuk.
Speaker 2:  Allow for individual responses. 

Model 4 Sentences

a) Hattak chaha mυt katimma ia tuk?    a) Where did that tall man go?
b) Bennington ia tuk. b) (He) went to Bennington.
c) Hattak mυt falama chi ho? c) Will that man return?
d) A, onnakma falama chi. d) Yes, (he) will return tomorrow.

Lesson 6 - Model 4 Sentences

Lesson 6 JPG

Lesson 6 Student Worksheet

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Lesson 6 Worksheet answer sheet

Lsn 6 wkst JPG ans

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