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Chapter One - Lesson Four

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          Lesson 4 Outline

          Lesson 4 Student worksheet

          Lesson 4 Student worksheet - answers


Starter: Students will give the greeting, date and weather.  Students will engage in dialogue with a prepared question and give impromptu responses.

Speaker 1:  Chi hohchifo yυt nanta?
Speaker 2:  Allow for individual responses. 

Lesson 4 - Model 3 sentences

a) Nanta chia?      a) What are you?
b) Chahta ikhυnanchi sia.     b) I am a Choctaw teacher.
c) Hushi homma mυt nanta katiohmi?    c) What is that red bird doing?
d) Hushi homma yυmmυt nihi upa. d) That red bird is eating seeds.


Lesson 4 Outline

Lesson 4 JPG 

Lesson 4 Student Worksheet

Lsn 4 wkst JPG 

Lesson 4 Worksheet answer sheet

Lsn 4 wkst JPG ans 

Sounds of Choctaw - Social Greeting
Sounds of Choctaw - Weather
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