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Chapter Nine Outline      

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Vocabulary & Model sentences

Vocabulary Words

e/il we eho/iloh            we (all)
hυsh you (all) they (unmarked)
peh just latυssa flat
kashoffi           clean kashofa to be clean
ittiachi (to) go (two only)                   ilhkoli (to) go (plural)
nuti tooth/teeth hopasa chew
aiyυla several arrives ittυlachi two arrives

Model Sentences

Model 1

a) Sυshki micha aki yυt aiitυnaha ittiachi.           a) My mom and dad are going to church.
b) Onnakma, tυmaha il ilhkola chi. b) Tomorrow, we will go to town.
c) Hυpi kaa υt iskitini chohmi. c) Our car is rather small.
d) Kυta hosh issuba ombinila chi? d) Who will ride the horse?

Model 2

a) Chimafo yυt nanta hopasa tuk? a) What was your grandpa chewing?
b) Umafo yυt iti tυpa iskitini hopasa tuk.             b) My grandpa was chewing a small stick.
c) Hohchυffo tuk o? c) Was (he) hungry?
d) Keyu, υmafo yυt i nuti kashoffi tuk. d) No, my grandpa cleaned his teeth.

Model 3

a) Katimikash okhata hυsh ilhkoli tuk.               a) When did you (all) go to the lake?
b) Tustiash okhata iloh ilhkoli tuk. b) We went to the lake last Tuesday.
c) Satυtikma nυni e hokla chi. c) We will catch fish on Saturday.
d) Hυpishki yυt nυni hopona chi. d) Our mom will cook fish.

Model 4

a) Hattak tuklo mυt peh nusi ho?                      a) Are those two men just sleeping?
b) Keyu, hattak tuklo mυt nukoa. b) No, those two men are angry.
c) Katimi ho nukoa? c) Why are (they) angry?
d) Palυska latυssa bυnna tuk. d) (They) wanted pancakes (flat bread).

Vocabulary & Model Sentences pg. 1

Vocab & Model Sentc pg 1

Vocabulary & Model Sentences pg. 2

Vocab & Mdl Sentc pg 2

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