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Chapter 5 Student Word List

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aiachefa aboha           laundry room/wash room
ahoponi kitchen
ampo plate
anchi quilt
holbut toba a picture/image
illimpa food/groceries
isht toksuli a tool/implement
ittimpakna to race/compete
pinak food/groceries
shukcha bag/purse
nita bear


achefa wash
aiokpanchi                 like (something)
ashachi put/place/lay (pl)
bohli put/place/lay (s)
hlopulli go through
kania go away/be gone
talohli put/place/set (pl)

Indefinite Pronouns

kanimma somewhere
kanimma kia            anywhere
kanimi ho for some reason
kanimi kia for any reason
katimampo which of the two
talali put/place/set (s)


liteha dirty
nukshopa                  scared

Negative Reesponse

Ak ikhano.                 I don't know.

Student Word List

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