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Chapter Eleven Outline      

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Vocabulary & Model sentences

Vocabulary Words

υm/sυm to or for me pim to or for us
chim to or for you hυpim to or for us (all)
im (sg) to or for him, her, it                   hυchim to or for you (all)
abυchi to teach im to or for them (pl)
pila to send/throw apoksia            to repair/to fix
habishko            to sneeze atobbi to pay
aheka debts/bills achonli to sew

Model Sentences

Model 1

a) Sυshki yυt achonli υm abυcha chi. a) Mom will teach me to sew.
b) Na tυnna pisa achukma a chompa tuk. b) She bought me pretty material.
c) Chipokni yυt na tυnna chim isha chi. c) Your grandma will get material for you.
d) Hυshi achυffa yash, anchi hυpim achonli tuk.      d) A month ago, she sewed us a quilt.

Model 2

a) Hattak mυt chukka hυpim ikbi tuk. a) That man built us a house.
b) Ulla nakni yυt okhisa pi tiwwi tuk. b) The boy opened the door for us.
c) Alikchi yυt aheka pi pila tuk. c) The doctor sent us a bill.
d) Aki yυt aheka ma hυpim atobba chi.                 d) My dad will pay that bill for us.

Model 3

a) Chim ofi yυt a shulush υm isht υla tuk.            a) Your dog brought me my shoes.
b) A shulush achυffa ya hopasa tuk. b) It chewed one of my shoes.
c) Kυta hosh υm apoksia chi? c) Who will repair it for me?
d) Shulush ikbi yυt chim apoksia hinla. d) The shoe maker can fix your shoe for you.

Model 4

a) Pilashash, υm υlla yυt habishko tuk.               a) My child sneezed yesterday.
b) Iloh i yukpa tuk. b) We all laughed at her.
c) Hυpim anumpuli bυnna kiyo. c) She doesn't want to talk to us.
d) Onnakma, hυpi na yukpa chi. d) We all will be happy tomorrow.

Vocabulary & Model Sentences pg. 1

Vocab & Mdl Sentc pg 1

Vocabulary & Model Sentences pg. 2

Vocab & Mdl Sentc pg 2

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