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Chapter Eight Outline      

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Vocabulary & Model sentences

Vocabulary Words

pi our hυpi our (all)
hυchi your (all)                  i/im their
chukka apanta        neighbor illimpa        food

Review singular possessive forms:

my - a/υm          your - chi/chim          (his, her, its) - i/im

Model Sentences

Model 1

a) Hυpi chukka apanta yυt ofi aiokpanchi kiyo.        a) Our neighbor doesn't like dogs.
b) Pilashash υm ofi habli tuk. b) Yesterday he kicked my dog.
c) Katimi ho yυmma yohmi tuk. c) Why did he do that?
d) Um ofi yυt i wak kopoli tuk. d) My dog bit his cow.

Model 2

a) Piki yυt hυchi chukka pisa bυnna tuk.                   a) Our dad wanted to see your house.
b) Hυpi chukka yυt okhata bilika talaya. b) Our house sets near the lake.
c) A nakfi yυt tυmaha chito υtta. c) My brother lives in the city.
d) Chi tek υt katimma υtta? d) Where does your sister live?

Model 3

a) Ninakash chi katos υt υm aboha υla tuk. a) Last night your cat came to my room.
b) I pishukchi micha im illimpa bυnna tuk.               b) She wanted her milk and her food.
c) A shukbo okchakko nuta nusi tuk. c) She slept under my blue blanket.
d) Himak nittak a pinti hokla hinla. d) It may catch a mouse today.

Model 4

a) Chi shulush υt pisa katiohmi? a) What color are your shoes?
b) A shulush ushta kυt lusa micha chaha. b) My four shoes are black and tall.
c) Ohoyo mυt chi holisso hochefa chi ho?                c) Will that woman read your book?
d) Keyu, i holisso tuchina hochefa chi. d) No, she will read her three books.

Vocabulary & Model Sentences pg. 1

Vocab & Mdl Sentc pg 1

Vocabulary & Model Sentences pg. 2

Vocab & Mdl Sentc pg 2

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