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shoes, shoe

Chapter Seven  -  Lesson One

Below are your PDF downloads for Chapter 7 - Lesson 1, including your worksheet and answer sheet.

Chapter 7 Lesson 1:   Page 1     Page 2     Page 3
Chapter 7 Lesson 1:   Worksheet
Chapter 7 Lesson 1:   Answer sheet

Lesson One  -  Page One
Ch7 Lsn1 pg1 JPEG

Lesson One  -  Page Two
Ch7 Lsn1 pg2 JPEG

Lesson One  -  Page Three
Ch7 Lsn1 pg3 JPEG

Lesson One  -  Worksheet One
Ch7 Lsn1 Wks1 JPEG

Lesson One  -  Worksheet One Answers
Ch7 Lsn1 Wks1 JPEG ans

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