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Your vocabulary words can be found in Lesson One.

1.  Worksheet 1 familiarizes you with the subject markers iυppυt and yυmmυt and also the interrogative nanta.
2.  In Worksheet 2 you will create sentences using yυmmυt or ilυppυt based on the images at the right of your sentence row.

     Below are PDF downloadable files of your worksheets in the order they are to be completed.

1.  Worksheet 1 - Familiarize yourself with the use of subject markers ilupput and yummut and the interrogative nanta.
2.  Worksheet 2 - Create sentences according to the images shown.  Translate sentences in English into sentences written in Choctaw.
3.  Answer Sheet

Worksheet 1:  Ilυppυt, yυmmυt and nanta

Vocab Words JPEG

Worksheet 2:  Create Sentences -- Translate Sentences

Translate Wksht 2 JPEG

Answer Sheet

Translate Answer JPEG

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