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Biskinik Monthly Language Lesson - November 2019

Usage of Common Verbs

nukshopa- to be afraid; to fear

Pronunciation - nohk-shoh-pah


  1. Chi nukshopa ho?                              Are you afraid?
  2. Ofi ma ish i nukshopa ho?                  Are you afraid of that dog?
  3. A, ofi ma i sv nukshopa.                    Yes, I am afraid of that dog.
  4. Kvta ish i nukshopa?                          Who are you afraid of?


nukshopli / nukshobli- to frighten; to scare; to intimidate

Pronunciation - nohk-shohp-lih / nohk-shohb-lih


  1. Kvta hosh chi nukshopli/nukshobli tuk?                                            Who scared you?
  2. A nakfi yvt sv nukshopli/nukshobli kvt im achukma.                            My brother likes to scare me.
  3. Malvttakvchikma, sv nukshopli/nukshobli bieka.                                   A thunderbolt usually scares me.


ilenukshopli / ilenukshobli- to scare or frighten oneself   ⁕ile - prefix meaning 'oneself'  

Pronunciation - il-e-nohk-shohp-lih / il-e-nohk-shob-lih


  1. Sinti habli im ahwa cha ilenukshobli tuk.                                            He thought he stepped on a snake and scared himself.

     2. Apisa ilepisah mvt, ilenukshopli tuk.                                                                          He scared himself when he saw  himself in the mirror.

nukshompiksho- to be fearless; unafraid

Pronunciation - nohk-shohmp-iksho


  1. Nukshompiksho hosh wakaya cha anumpuli tuk.

With no fear, he stood up and talked.

    2. Hattak mvt nukshompiksho hosh aboha okhlilika pit chukowa tuk.

That man fearlessly entered the dark room.



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