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Children's Corner

Here you will find material geared toward the young learner.

You will find:

♦ Power Points
♦ Activity sheets
♦ Coloring pages

Please click on the link below the pictures to download coloring sheets.


Coloring Sheet #1       Little Boy JPEG      Little Girl JPEG       Little Horsey JPEG
        Coloring Sheet                    Chahta υlla Nakni     Chahta Ulla Tek                 Issuba

Little Piggy JPEG      Little Doggy JPEG       Little Cow JPEG
        Shukha                          ofi                                 Wak


The following Power Point Presentations can be viewed by clicking on your selection.  If you need the free Power Point Viewer please click here.

Headstart 1

Lesson 1   "Halito"

Lesson 2   "Colors"

Lesson 3   "Colors"

Lesson 4   "Food"

Lesson 5   "Animals"

Lesson 6   "People Names"Headstart 2

Lesson 7   "People Action"

Weather Terms


Sounds of Choctaw - Social Greeting
Sounds of Choctaw - Weather
Lesson of the Day