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Registration is closed for the self-paced class

Chahta Anumpa Self-Paced Learning


Chahta Anumpa Aiikhvna has developed a self-paced language course that allows you to learn on your schedule. The course will be delivered via the Canvas Learning Management System.

This course was designed to promote Choctaw language learning with convenience in mind. Students can access the course from home or anywhere they have an internet connection and computer. This is a great opportunity to learn the language of our ancestors.

There is no fee required to take the class and it is open to anyone wanting to learn the Choctaw language. Chahta kil anumpuli! (Let's speak Choctaw!)  

For questions regarding enrollment email us at You can also contact us at 1-580-624-7674 or 1-580-642-8616.

Click here to join the course and get started! 

Registration is closed for the self-paced class


Eligibility Requirements:

*Must be 18 year of age

*Limited Seats

*Regular participation is required

Note: you must sign into your Canvas account at least once every three months to keep your account active. If you don't sign in during this time, we will consider your account to be inactive.

Classes can be taken from a mobile device, laptop, desktop, or tablet.

For mobile device visit your app store. 






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