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Note:  Letter u -->  u   Upsilon -->  υ        The upsilon will be in bold print to help you identify it in a sentence.

Vocabulary:  himitthoa - young (of two or more), young people, young animals

Himitthoa yυt Chahta anumpa ikhυna ya pi bυnna.  We want the young people to learn the Choctaw people.

Onna ninak a pim aiittυnaha himitthoa yυt taloa chi.  Tomorrow night our church youth will sing.

PDF file download:    Vocabulary:  himitthoa - young (of two or more)


Siptimba awah untuchina, Tahlepa sipokni tuklo akocha awah untuklo.
         September 18, 2017

Himitthoa - young (of two or more) young people

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