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Note:  Letter u -->  u   Upsilon -->  υ           The upsilon will be in bold print to help you identify it in a sentence.

Adverbs/Adjectives of Degree

Kucha yυt kapυssah* chohmi.  It is sort of cold outside.

Kucha yυt kapυssah* fehna.  It is very cold outside.

Kucha yυt kapυssah* chiyyohmi!  It is really cold outside!

Note: * The letter 'h' is added to verbs that are followed by certain kinds of adverbs.  Predicative -h.

PDF file download:  Adverbs/Adjectives of Degree

Nofimba awah tuchina, Tahlepa sipokni tuklo akocha awah untuchina.
     November 13, 2018

Adverbs/Adjectives of Degree

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