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Chapter Six Outline      

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Vocabulary & Model sentences

Vocabulary Words

kanimikma sometime (future)           kanohmi        some/several
kanimikash sometime (past) anoli tell/telling
nan unnoa story hotina count/counting
holhtina a number bahta a bag/sack
himak ninak        tonight ikhuna learn/learning
ilhkoli go/going (pl) shali carry/carrying

Model Sentences

Model 1

a) Katimikma tυmaha il ilhkola chi? a) When will we go to town?
b) Onnakma tυmaha il ilhkola chi. b) We will go to town tomorrow.
c) Kanimikma nan υnnoa ish anola chi ho?           c) Will you tell a story sometime?
d) A, himak ninak chim anoli la hinla. d) Yes, I can tell you tonight.

Model 2

a) Katimikash hattak ma ish apela tuk? a) When did you help that man?
b) Pilashash hattak ma ish apela tuk? b) I helped that man yesterday.
c) Kanimikash issi nipi ish hoponi tuk o?           c) Did you cook venison some time ago?
d) A, Satυtiash issi nipi hoponi li tuk. d) Yes, I cooked venison last Saturday.

Model 3

a) Ohoyo mυt bahta katohmi shali? a) How many sacks is that woman carrying?
b) Bahta chito kanohmi shali. b) She is carrying several large bags.
c) Ulla pυt hotina hinla ho? c) Can this child count?
d) Kanimikash i shulush hotina tuk.           d) She counted her shoes some time ago.

Model 4

a) Katimikma chiki yυt chukka υla chi?           a) When will your dad arrive home?
b) Kanimikma chukka υla chi? b) (He) will arrive home sometime.
c) Suntikma υla choi ho? c) Will (he) arrive on Sunday?
d) Keyu, onnakma υla chi. d) No, (he) will arrive tomorrow.

Vocabulary & Model sentences pg. 1

Vocab & Mdl Sentc pg 1

Vocabulary & Model Sentences pg. 2

Vocab & Mdl Sentc pg 2

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