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Chapter Fourteen Outline      

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Vocabulary & Model sentences

Vocabulary Words

Location/Position              Singular              Dual Plural
to be sitting bininli chiya binohmaya
to be standing hikia hinli hiyohmaya
to be lying ittonla kaha                kahmaya
to be hanging takanli takohli takohmaya

Model Sentences

Model 1

a) Hattak υt kaa bilika hikia. a) The man is standing near the car.
b) Ohoyo tuklo hosh iti nuta hinli. b) Two women are standing under the tree.
c) Ulla υhleha yυt oka anuka hiyohmaya.                     c) The children are standing in the water.

Model 2

a) Chukfi lusa yυt shauwa anuka bininli.                     a) The black rabbit is sitting in the brush.
b) Katos tuklo hosh aboha ma chiya. b) Those two cats are sitting in that room.
c) Fυni lawa hosh akka binohmaya. c) There are many squirrels sitting on the ground.

Model 3

a) Ofi tuklo mυt katimma kaha? a) Where are those two dogs lying?
b) Ofi tuklo mυt chukka nuta kaha. b) Those two dogs are lying under the house.
c) Akaka yυt kanchuk anuka binohmaya.                   c) The chickens are sitting in the barn.

Model 4

a) Chi shυpo yυt chim aboha takanli. a) Your hat is hanging in your room.
b) Takkon tuklo hosh iti ma takohli tuk. b) Two apples were hanging on that tree.
c) Ilefoka lawa hosh kucha takohmaya.                     c) A lot of clothes are hanging outside.

Vocabulary Words & Model Sentences

Vocab & Mdl Sentc

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