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Chapter Four Outline      

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Vocabulary & Model sentences


nana something nana kia anything
kυna someone kυna kia anyone
ayυmihchi/mihchi       to do/doing hokli catch
palυska champuli cake/sweet bread                          nukshopa        wild (animal)
osh, hosh, yosh subject markers hlopulli to go through
hochefo read/name/call holihta a fence


Model Sentences

Model I

a) Nanta ish mihchi?                                     a) What are you doing?
b) Nana hoponi li. b) I am cooking something.
c) Ulla nakni mυt nana ikba chi ho?                    c) Will that boymake something?
d) A, holhta iskitini ikba chi. d) Yes, he will make a small fence.

Model II

a) Issuba nukshopa mυt nanta υpa hinla?         a) What can that wild horse eat?
b) Issuba nukshopa mυt nana kia υpa hinla. b) That wild horse can eat anything.
c) Ohoyo mυt holisso chito hochefo tuk. c) That woman read a big book.
d) Nana kia hochefa hinla. d) (She) can read anything.

Model III

a) Hattak mυt kυta apela tuk?                            a) Whom did that man help?
b) Kυna apela tuk. b) He helped someone.
c) Kυta hosh bok hlopulli tuk? c) Who went through the river?
d) Kυna hosh bok hlopulli tuk. d) Someone went through thr river.

Model IV

a) Alikchi yυt kυta pisa chi. a) Whom will the doctor see?
b) Alikchi mυt kυna kia pisa hinla. b) That doctor can see anyone.
c) Kυta hosh palυska champuli bυnna? c) Who wants cake?
d) Kυna kia palυska champuli bυnna chi.          d) Anyone will want cake.

Chapter Four Outline

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