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Chapter Fifteen Outline      

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Vocabulary & Model sentences

Vocabulary Words

nutaka underneath paknaka over/above
tikba in front of/ahead ashaka behind
apata beside anuka in/inside
kucha out/out of/outside                      takla among
ittintυkla between ola i tυnnυp on this side of
misha i tυnnυp            on that side of akkυshtυla/akkishtυla            beneath/below

Model Sentences

Model 1

a) Ulla tek mυt chukka tikba antta. a) That girl is at the front of the house.
b) Ulla nakni yυt bok ola i tυnnυp antta.                           b) The boy is on this side of the river.
c) Iki yυt kanchυk anuka hikia tuk. c) His dad was standing in the barn.

Model 2

a) Sυshki micha aki yυt tυmaha kucha ittiachi.                a) My mom and dad are going out of town.
b) Mυskoki i yakni ona chi. b) (They) will arrive in Muskogee Creek country.
c) Hattak Upi Homma inla il afama chi. c) We will meet other Indians.

Model 3

a) Ohoyo υt bok misha i tυnnυp hikia.                             a) The woman is standing on the other side of the river.
b) Ulla mυt iti ashaka bininli. b) That child is sitting behind the tree.
c) Im ofi yυt kaa nuta ittonla. c) His dog is lying under the car.

Model 4

a) Pilashash oklush inla takla antta li tuk.                         a) I was among other tribes yesterday.
b) Himak nittak a chukka bilika il ashwa. b) Today, we (both) are near the house.
c) Onnakma iti nuta e binohmaya chi. c) Tomorrow, we will sit under the tree.

Vocabulary Words & Model Sentences page 1

Vocab & Mdl Sentc pg 1

Vocabulary Words & Model Sentences page 2

Vocab & Mdl Sentc pg 2

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