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Haileyville students take book awards at fair

Haileyville students take book awards at fair

The Choctaw I and Choctaw II language classes from Haileyville High School are proud to announce that both classes placed first and third in the Oklahoma Native American Youth Language Festival at the University of Oklahoma. This was the tenth year for the annual event. Haileyville entered in the book division. The annual event draws many Native American Language Programs and schools state wide.

   Choctaw I's book was about farm animals (nanalhpoa) playing stickball (kvpucha) against the wild animals (nanalhpoa nukshopa). It was a funny book (holisso yopula). It placed first with a blue ribbon. Choctaw II's book was about the animals' watering creek drying up (bokushishila). The animals went to the Chief Bear and he told them to see the Rain Goddess and find out what to do. She told them to dance and pray. They did and rain was delivered to the creek and it never dried up again. Choctaw II's book took the third place and received a white ribbon.

   Virginia Espinoza was the esteemed teacher (nan ikhvnanchi holitopa). She broadcasts her classes daily from Durant. Brian Weaver is Choctaw I's facilitator and Louise Mitchell's Choctaw II's facilitator (ikhvnanchi apela). Students in Choctaw I are: Cylena Cooper - Ohoyo Hvshi Napakanli, Spencer Blocks- Hattak Towa Washoha, Sara Alverson - Ohoyo Yvnnvsh Oka, Alyssa Young - Ohoyo Hvnchvnchaba Okchamali, Sam Morgan - Ohoyo Nvni Kabak, Brian Gibson - Hattak Nvnish wana, Jed Dutton-Hattak Nita Lusakbi, Jason Mayo- Hattak Nvni Hakli, Stevie Johnson - Hattak Kalaki Chito, and Brian Weaver-Hattak Issi Chito. Students in Choctaw II

are: Destiny Campbell - Ohoyo Kowasha, Payton Crawford - Itibi Aialhi, James Hart - Hiloha, Dallas Herring - Malvta, Joseph Needham - Nashoba Tohbi Chito, Lisa Nichols- Lesa, Joy Picotte - Nayukpa, Ben Ragsdale- Nashoba Chito vba, Klanyca Tiner - Fichik Homakabi, Blue Burns-Ochakko, and Mrs. Louise Mitchell- Ohoyo Sipokni.

   Everyone contributed to the books with either illustrations or writing stories. The Haileyville Choctaw Program has won many awards in the past and appreciates the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma for making these programs available.


 Haileyville Students Take Book Awards At Fair

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