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Choctaw language community teachers workshop

   The Choctaw School of Language May 22-23 held workshops for community teachers. The immersiontype training included language specialists such as Dr. Freddie Bowles, Dr. Linda Henshell Wilson and Dr. Brad Montgomery-Anderson to help teachers with some of the difficult challenges of teaching a new language.

   Methods for engaging language learners, language acquisition and the brain, as well as, how to make language learning exciting were discussions throughout the workshop.

   The Choctaw Nation Language Program offers 15 state certified teachers, eight first language speakers and seven second language speakers with a reach of about 10,000 language students served each week.

   Students are from Public Schools, Universities, the Internet, Head Start programs, area communities and employees of the Choctaw Nation of Oklahoma. Various class opportunities are available on site and offsite utilizing technology for live remotefed instruction.

   The goal of the School of Choctaw Language is to revitalize and perpetuate the language by utilizing a sequential curriculum and making it accessible to anyone desiring to learn the language.

   For additional information about classes or programs at the Choctaw School of Language please call toll free 1-800-522-6170.

Figure 1

Students listen to the speaker while at the workshop.

Figure 2

Students gather during the workshop.

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