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Austin named Assistant Chief

Jack Austin Jr.

Jack Austin Jr.


   Newly appointed Assistant Chief of the Choctaw Nation Jack Austin Jr. was sworn in April 29 at the Tribal Capitol, Tvshka Homma, by Tribal Council Speaker Delton Cox. Assistant Chief Austin has had a long career with the Choctaw Nation, beginning in the health care system in 1991 after his honorable discharge from the U.S. Army.

   He began his journey with the health care system in the Material Management department - and just prior to being selected as Assistant Chief, Austin was the program director for the Choctaw Nation Recovery Center. He holds a Master of Education degree.

   He and his wife, Philisha, have been married 24 years. They have three children. Clark, 18, is attending Carl Albert State College. Malacha, 16, will be a senior next year at Talihina High School. "Sam is our youngest blessing at the energetic age of 4," said Assistant Chief Austin.

   "I feel I was raised in the midst of the tribe during most of my youth. My parents were, and are still, serving Choctaw people. I have been to many events throughout our Choctaw Nation growing up. I can still remember the State of the Nation address being given by the Chief of that time under a brush arbor on the Council House grounds," continued Austin.

   Attending the Lighthouse Cathedral Church the past 30 years, Austin has served as a board member there the past ten years and enjoys work as a youth pastor, teaching weekly youth classes.

   Chief Gary Batton was present as Austin was administered the oath of office. According to the Choctaw Constitution, ratified in 1983, the Assistant Chief is appointed by the Chief, and approved by a vote of the Tribal Council.

   "Our goals moving forward will align with the tribe's philosophy to 'do what is best for Choctaws'," said Chief Batton. "Assistant Chief Austin, the Tribal Council and I are all looking forward to working together!"

Jack Austin Jr . Swearing

Choctaw Nation Tribal Speaker Delton Cox swears in newly appointed Assistant Chief Jack Austin Jr. while Chief Gary Batton holds the Bible.
Photo by Choctaw Nation : DEIDRE ELROD
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